Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving.  It has new meaning for us this year.  In the past, there had been Thanksgivings in my life when I actually had a difficult time finding things to be thankful for.  That seems ridiculous to me now.  

My mom has always had an attitude of gratitude based on the old adage, "It could always be worse."  I never liked that saying.  It seemed like a crummy way of being grateful.  "I'm glad I'm only 20 pounds overweight instead of 200...I'm glad I'm staying in this nasty hotel instead of sleeping on the streets", etc. etc.  In fact, I think there is even an email that circulates every year around this time spreading that same type of message.  I prefer to just be thankful.

However, this year, when I look at my son, I can't help but think of that saying.  As much as I dislike it, I find myself adopting it as my motto...although I vow it will be for this Thanksgiving only! :)

I'm thankful that I'm struggling to keep my son calm rather than struggling to get him walking.
I'm thankful that he's whiney because it means he can still talk.
I'm thankful he's irritable because it means his brain is comprehending his feelings.
I'm thankful I'm being pushed to the very corner of the bed because it means he can roll around now.

One thing I'm so thankful for this year that has nothing to do with that pessimistic saying is the love and support we have received from all of our friends and family through this difficult time.  It has been amazing, and for that I feel blessed...with no strings attached!

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Patti (Mrs. A.) said...

Hi Debi,
I finally got this to work with the help of my hubby. Yippee!!!
I know those old sayings don't seem to mean much to us until we are in a situation that seems to warrant it.
I know after losing several close family members over the past 20 years that I came to realize how life is so...short and mundane things aren't quite as important anymore. I also hate to say this, but it seems that it takes a tragedy for us to wake up and realize what we are truly thankful for.
Hope that doesn't sound too harsh, I'm just going off experience.
It is so...great to hear how fast Tru is healing. Children seem to heal so much faster than grownups. Since he's young he will probably get to the day where he won't remember much of what happened.
Having this blog page is definitely a great way for you to heal emotionally. Everybody goes about healing in their own way and that doesn't mean their way is wrong, it's just different than yours. Keep on Healing my friend.
You all are still in my prayers. Take care my friend!!!
Patti (Mrs.A.)