Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There Will Come a Day

The other day I was at the grocery store with Truman. He kept stopping to draw pictures of different things in his journal. An old man came by on his little scooter and commented on how precious Truman's "record keeping" was. I sighed a labored sigh and shot back a remark about how it takes ten times longer to get anything done with him in tow. He just smiled and told me to remember these days when his drawings are hanging in an art museum 20 years from now.

That night, I couldn't stop thinking about his comment and all the cliches that go along with it. Seize the Day, Enjoy the Moment, Be Content, you could fill in a million other similar phrases here. Even though I've heard them all many times before, as a mom I've had trouble living by them lately.

I started to think.....There Will Come A Day.

When I'm tired of reading the same books over and over, I remind myself that some day, he will read on his own, and he won't need me.

When I'm frustrated that he has to be near me every single second, I remind myself that some day he will shut his door in the name of privacy.

When he's pressed up so close against me at nap time that I wake up sweaty and falling off the bed, I remind myself that some day he will be embarrassed to even hug me.

When he wants to go everywhere I go, I remind myself that some day I'll have to remind him to come home and enforce a curfew.

When I'm struggling to get him to eat his dinner, I remind myself that some day, he will eat me out of house an home!

When I'm rushing to get him out the door on time, I remind myself that some day, he will drive himself anywhere he needs to go.

And when I get tired of being needed every second, I remind myself that some day another girl will take my place as the leading lady in his life.

So today I vow, to live for the moment and enjoy my little man to the fullest!

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's been forever...

It's been forever since I've posted. Mostly because somehow my blog became public to people I never intended to see it.
Anyway, tonight I'm thinking about all we've been through. I decided about a week ago to go ahead and enroll Tru in preschool two mornings a week...two mornings that I won't be there with him. This is HUGE for me. For almost two years he's only been with my mom if I wasn't nearby. I would take him to Awanas, but I'd sit in the foyer. I'd take him to art class, but read a book in the lobby. You get the picture. But on Tuesday, I will drop off my son and leave him in someone else's care and drive away. At least that's the plan. I'm sure he'll be fine. Me, on the other hand? Well, I'm not sure.