Thursday, November 13, 2008

The healing begins...

We later found out that Truman had been run over by an SUV while standing behind the babysitter's van.  A woman actually ran over him with both the front and back tires, stopping on him with her back tire until people yelled at her to pull forward.  She had no idea what she had hit.  I still can't believe he survived that.  He had a fractured collar bone, a collapsed lung, a lacerated liver, a very swollen black eye, and lots of what they call "road rash".  He had to have 2 units of blood, but surprisingly no surgeries.  We spent four days in the PICU and two more on the pediatric floor.  We were sent home less than a week later!  I know people prayed for Truman all over the country -even in other countries, but his physical healing continues to amaze me.  He still has a wound from the chest tube that needs to heal, and he still can't get up from a lying down position, but he looks amazing.

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