Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Family Vacation

We are getting ready for our family vacation. The house is clean, laundry and dishes done. All that is left is packing. Normally I can pack for a weekend in a very small bag, but when Tru is involved it somehow takes a giant suitcase to make it through one weekend. He loves to pack, so I will wait until tomorrow and let him "help". He is so excited about this trip. This week he asked me how many more weeks until our "famalee vacation" (that's how he says it). When I told him it was only days away, he squealed, "It's so exciting!!" I can't wait to give him a fabulous experience to make up for everything he's been through.


Mandy said...

Where are you all going? No matter where... I pray you all have the best time ever!

Hannah said...

How was the trip? Hope you had a BLAST! :)

DJ said...

We went to Vegas. It was really fun, but exhausting...kinda like Disney. I think next time, we will take a whole week, go in the summer so we can lounge by the pool, and not try to cram so much in to such a short amount of time.