Sunday, January 4, 2009

Among the Dead

There is a website,, that's mission is to assure no child dies or is injured in a non-traffic, motor vehicle related event. After Tru's accident, I contacted them to let them know of my new found appreciation for their organization. They asked if I would like to share Truman's story. I said that I would be happy to if they didn't think it would upset parents whose children did not survive. They posted his story on their website. His name is listed among 50 other children under the category "incidents". He is the only survivor. I read every other "incident" on the list, and he is the only one still alive. It makes me realize, even more, how lucky we are.
I don't know why those families had to lose their child,and why we were allowed to keep ours. I just know my heart breaks for those families.


Michele said...

Maybe your story will help prevent an accident involving vehicles and children in the future. The website looks very informative. It is very heartbreaking to read the incidents. Amazing how dangerous these vehicles are whether they are in motion on a highway or pullin out of the driveway or sitting in a parking lot. Life can change in an instant. Squeeze Truman a little tighter for me today.

steph7031 said...

He is a little miracle! I am surprised they did not put him in the "close calls" area. The stories are heartbreaking, I agree hug him tight!

DJ said...

I noticed they did move his name to close calls.