Friday, March 6, 2009

Look what Tru got!


Truman was invited to a bike riding party, and I realized hmmm...maybe my kid should have a bike by now. So, we went to Wal-mart and bought the cheapest bike they had. I'm not sure his pediatrician would approve of him riding, but considering he can only go a few inches at a time, I think we are safe. I have no idea how to teach someone to ride a bike. This is frustrating for both of us!


Kenzi said...

He'll get it...all with time. I had a hard time teaching K too, so Daddy took over, and now she rides ALL over...even without her training wheels! She loves it!

Breana said...

I have no idea either! When you figure it out, tell me so that I can teach Noah! Maybe you and I should have a bike riding party!