Saturday, March 21, 2009

Easter Parade

Today, the mall had an Easter parade. For some reason (I'm pretty sure it was written somewhere), I thought it was a bike parade. We decorated Tru's bike the best we could. Then when we arrived, there was only one other kid with an actual bike. Everyone brought wagons and strollers which are A LOT easier to decorate than a bike! There were prizes, which we obviously didn't win, and Tru was upset that his bike was "not the greatest". :( Oh well, we will know next year to bring a wagon!
Since I forgot to bring the camera to the parade. Here is a pic taken in our driveway after we got home.


Michele said...

Love the bike and helmet is a good idea, but...kneepads?

Breana said...

We have kneepads too.. and elbow pads.. Excessive, yes..

DJ said...

The knee pads and elbow pads came with the helmet. Funny thing is, he actually had them on for sidewalk chalk drawing, not bike riding. :) I just interrupted his artistic moment and made him get on the bike to pose for a picture.